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Client Feedback Letters

The National Catholic Bioethics Center

I met Robert Smedley of Burri & Company at a time when we were considering a change in our medical insurance coverage. He went right to work finding a way to save us $20,000 per year. When the term of that policy was up for renewal and we were facing a 45% increase Robert got in touch with me and suggested ways we could maintain similar coverage at about the same cost. I am delighted to have found Burri & Company and would recommend them to anyone searching for ways to navigate the rough terrain of the current medical insurance market. You can trust in their proactive position in finding the best options possible for you.

Mark Bradford
Executive Vice-President

Diocese of Boise

Dear Mr. Burri and To Whom It May Concern:

This letter of reference is written to describe our relationship with Burri and Company. We have been with them since June of 2000. At that point in time their firm was hired to handle our long term disability and group life insurance employee benefits. Since that time we have given their firm additional business, first to handle our seminarian insurance program and our international traveler program, and then, effective July 1, 2006, our main health insurance program covering both our Priests and Lay people, approximately 450 lives.

It has been my experience during this time frame that they do deliver what they promise and that the quotes and descriptions of service they have submitted to us have been accurate in coming to fruition.

They have been able to react quickly to the ever changing health insurance market place and deliver a quality insurance product under sometimes very difficult circumstances. For instance we were notified in January of 2006 that we were facing a 35% increase from our existing health insurance provider with no explanation as to why. I asked Burri & Company and another national broker to come up with alternative solutions, and despite the fact that the existing carrier would not provide us with detail claim information in a timely manner, Burri was able to obtain two different quotes for our self insured program. The other broker came up with suggestions, but never delivered a complete quote.

Again in April of 2007 Burri & Company went the extra distance when our third party administrator announced it was abandoning the group health insurance business altogether. While the TPA agreed to carry us for one more year. Burri quickly recognized the fact that we were experiencing a good year from a claims standpoint and that we should take advantage of that, and their firm quickly shopped the market and secured a quote from a new supplier (taking advantage of our good experience) at favorable rates, instead of waiting the additional year.

This meant getting all new insurance information to our 450 employees in the span of about one month's time. The transition went very smoothly despite the very short time frame to work in, and we were able to pass savings along to the participants in our plan.

We like most Catholic Diocese have a lot of unique situations requiring high levels of care and understanding, situations that sometimes require handling with 'kid gloves'. In this matter Burri and Company has gone well above the standards of normal customer care. We opted to take advantage of their optional service where we provide our employees with Burri's toll free number and our employees call Burri for advice and claims handling instead of dealing with a large impersonal insurance provider. This has worked well for us.

As a plan administrator it has been a pleasure to work with their staff and I would not hesitate to recommend them as an employee benefits consultant and broker.


Patrick A. Crisler
Finance Officer

The Josephites

To Whom It May Concern:

St. Joseph's Society of the Sacred Heart, Inc. (Josephites) has employed the services of Burri and Company, Fidelitas, LLC since the year 2000.

They have arranged coverage for us in the areas of medical insurance, pharmacy benefits, dental coverage for our members and employees as well as long-term disability, Medicare supplements and Medicare Part D.

Our relationship with Burri and Company started in the year 2000. We have found them to be very responsive and solicitous of our needs. For the last few years they have renewed our medical insurance contract with an increase below the national average.

We highly endorse Burri and Company and find them to be a Catholic orientated organization

If I can be of any further help, please feel free to contact me.


Rev. Nelson A. Moreira, S.S.J.

Sisters of St. Francis

Dear Dean,

Please allow me this opportunity to express my appreciation for the fine professional services provided to the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities by you and your staff at Burri and Company.

When I first met you at the NATRI conference last October, I had no idea of the level of complexity and chaos inherent in the consolidation of three religious congregations into a single entity as it related to health insurance. Your analysis of our multiple competing plans was quick and accurate, and your creativity in helping us define and implement a universal self-funded plan for both the lay employees and the under age 65 sisters helped us stay true to the Catholic doctrine without sacrificing benefits or network providers, all by January 1st!

With the imminent departure of Mutual of Omaha as a group health insurance provider by the end of 2007, you have again developed a creative solution for many smaller religious communities in the Northeast facing a difficult health insurance market. We look forward to the implementation of the new Cigna insurance program for 2008, and know we can count on you and your staff to ease any transitional issues that may arise.

I continue to be delighted with the customer service staff in your South Carolina office. They are unfailing patient and polite, and never seem to tire of answering the same type of questions over and over again. We feel fortunate to have them on our team as the interface between the big insurance companies' and us.

Please feel free to share my contact information with any prospective clients, as I am happy to discuss our experience with your firm at any time, Thank you again for serving this important and often overlooked segment of the health insurance market.


Gael A. Solpchak
General Business Manager

Diocese of San Angelo

Dear Dean:

As Finance Officer of the Diocese of San Angelo, it is privilege to recommend your professional services. Your personal attention to the needs of the client and your support staff's extraordinary service continue to be an on-going blessing to us!

Sincerely yours.

Leshe T. Maimam
Diocesan Finance Officer

Diocese of Gallup

Dear Robert:

I want to thank you and the staff at Burri & Company for your work with the Diocese of Gallup over the last several years. Your dedication to quality service has always made it easy for us to deal with the somewhat difficult and technical aspect of insurance claims. I cannot begin to estimate the money you have saved us, not to mention the fact that we can rely on you to handle our questions and concerns. I know that when I refer an employee to your office for help, they will be treated professionally and with respect. Thank you for all you do for us.


Deacon Jim Hoy
Director of Budget & Finance

Sisters of Charity

To Whom It May Concern:

The Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth have used Burri and Company Fidelitas as our broker for medical, dental and stop lass coverage for our Sisters since November of 2005. Prior to that date, we had “self insured” our Sisters without any catastrophic umbrella coverage. Burri and Company was very helpful in making the transition from an in-house operation to a third party administrator for dental, medical for Sisters not covered by Medicare and overall catastrophic stop loss protection. At the same time, Burri negotiated for Medicare supplemental policies through a commercial carrier.

About the same time, Medicare D (prescription drug coverage) was beginning and Buri collected prescription information from the Sisters, analyzed the needs, and selected national best plans for prescription policies. Burri has since reviewed the plans each year compared to our needs and adjusted plan selections to provide the best overall coverage.

The personnel at Burri and Company have been very helpful in processing claims, troubleshooting problems and responding to questions and inquiries. One of the biggest benefits is that they are familiar with Catholic religious communities and know “our business”.

While we experienced an increase in premium costs at the beginning (mainly to purchase stop loss protection), Providence was on our side as we exceeded the stop loss limits durring the second year with one claim. The amount we recovered exceeded the premiums we paid by a significant amount.

Overall, we have been and continue to be pleased with our experience with Burri and Company and would highly recommend their services


Margret Anne Keams
Financial Analyst
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth

Burri and Company

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