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Burri and Company, Fidelitas is the customer and client service management company of Burri Insurance Group and are responsible for providing the outstanding service and support above and beyond that of any other insurance broker or provider.

  • Client services

    Our unique client services department can be as involved with the management of your healthcare plan as you wish. We have clients that have us act as their human resources insurance department. Burri and Company has a dedicated team of employees who are highly educated on both Canon Law and Civil Law requirements. Our own employees go out and meet with each of the client's locations. While there, they provide education about benefits, as well as eligibility.

    This intensively personal service establishes a relationship with the individual entities within the diocese or order. It also allows us to work with your offices to solve any eligibility issues that may have been uncovered prior to the new health plan taking effect.

    We are also able to bill the local houses, parishes, offices and schools and maintain your records as needed if you do not have centralized payroll.

    We are constantly auditing not only eligibility but your claims as well. Some reports list the medical billing error rate as high 10% and the same for claims payment errors by both insurance companies and Medicare. By continuously monitoring all claims and maintaining a permanent record for our clients, we are able to save them countless thousands of dollars. Burri and Company, Fidelitas makes they implementation and ongoing maintenance of your healthcare plan easier than ever.

  • Member Services

    Burri and Company, Fidelitas provides a toll-free access number, for our customer service department. Unlike virtually every other national agency, our telephones are personally answered by our customer service representatives, never a computerized auto-attendant. Representatives are available Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Easter Standard Time (EST). Our customer service department is located at:
    3649 Rainey Road
    Sharon, SC 29742

    This confidential service operations center allows participants to quickly and conveniently obtain routine information and personalized service from customer service personal that are uniquely trained to work with the Church. This information may include, but is not limited to:

    1. Claim information
    2. Eligibility information/benefit status
    3. Authorization
    4. Medical records/appeals
    5. Application/contract information
    6. Provider and pharmacy location services
    7. Billing dispute resolution

Clearly we are being redundant, however that it is important to emphasize that we understand that in this time of automation, many companies sacrifice personal service for cost-savings. With that in mind, Burri and Company, Fidelitas has a standing policy that we will not use computerized auto-attendants or voicemail. Our phones are answered by real people, always!

We encourage your employees to call us before calling the insurance companies or your Human Resources Department. By collecting HIPPA waivers from your members, we are able to talk to your members' doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and insurance providers all on their behalf, often solving a problem before it starts.

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