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Human Resources

Oversight of the daily operations of employee benefits packages can often be MORE than a full time job. Even with the best of insurance companies, there can be daily issues that require the Director of Human Resources to be involved. Employees' benefits, such as the health insurance plan, are designed to help the ministry hire and retain high quality employees. When the health plan fails to do that, it can be counter- productive to the mission of the ministry. You need a health insurance broker who is more than just the person who facilitates the purchase of benefits. You need someone who becomes another human resource tool at your disposal. Does your current broker/advisor stretch your resources and free up your time by:

  • Designing multiple categories of employees for unique positions, i.e. sisters, brothers, deacons, religious priests vs. secular priests?
  • Send his/her employees go to EVERY LOCATION and meet with EVERY EMPLOYEE to explain benefits and opportunities within the employee benefits?
  • Encourage the employees to call them and not YOU to answer questions or address issues?
  • Provide billing services to locations within the Diocese/Order custom designed to your HR Department's needs?
  • Manage government program functions i.e. CHIPRA and Federal Government contributions to COBRA?
  • Coordinate benefits (i.e. a priest who is over 65, has Medicare and is still on the plan group plan)?
  • Manage employee transfers with multi-network overlays to maintain transparency?
  • As new laws arise, advise you if and how they will affect the plan (i.e. Michele's law, Mental Health Parity Act, Healthcare Reform)?
  • Customize booklets to meet the needs and language requirements of the Diocese/Order/Organization?
  • Assist employees with finding in-network providers and issues that may arise from: Billing disputes; Deductible tracking; Out of pocket tracking; Case management?
  • Prior authorization, things that employees would normally call YOU for?
  • File Medicare Claims Appeals for unassigned priests?
  • Send out applicable booklets to employees homes?
  • Process enrollments, terminations, special enrollments and changes (i.e. address change, name change, salary changes, etc). making certain the insurance carrier acts on the correct data?
  • Maintain individual files on all employees?
  • Electronically captures all incoming mail, faxes and emails?
  • Track claims data?
  • Provide redundant secure data storage?
  • Match Medicare Summaries to Medicare Supplement Explanation of Benefits to ensure full payment for unassigned priests?
  • Prepare and send Cobra paperwork to the Diocese for each employee who has terminated from the health/dental insurance?
  • Monitor the timely turnaround of the Cobra paperwork as it is time sensitive?
  • Prepare, send out and monitor life claims?
  • Prepare, send out and monitor long term disability claims?
  • Prepare and send out life conversion notices to the Diocese for each employee who has terminated from life insurance?
  • Monitor the timely turnaround of the life conversions as they are extremely time sensitive?
  • Obtain and update student status certification?
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