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Treasurer/Business Manager

Stewardship over the implantation and maintenance of a financially viable health plan is an awesome responsibility. Your broker/consultant should not only help you find a carrier and product mix that meets your budgetary needs, but also work throughout the plan year to save money and increase value where ever it can be found. Does your current broker/agent/consultant deliver these services?

  • Create canonically correct plans circumventing morally offensive state mandates where possible?
  • Negotiate in YOUR interest, premium and plan design with insurance carriers and service provider(s)?
  • Advise you intelligently on appropriate funding methods to maximize your budget and limit your risk: fully-insured, partially self-funded, minimum premium, rebate and other funding models?
  • Audit your eligibility to ensure that only those that should be on the health plan are covered, by personally going to every location?
  • Apply little understood, Catholic specific, insurance laws to your plan, such as the Downey Amendment?
  • Manage implementation of new products?
  • Review your constantly changing needs and develop alternate strategies?
  • Analyze employee demographics?
  • Insure that carriers have the proper data to produce the most favorable renewals?
  • Review provider networks to ensure minimum disruption and best pricing?
  • Respond immediately to special requests made by the plan administrator, such as paying uncovered claim as an exception?
  • Obtain and update PHI (Private Health information) information, allowing the Diocese to better understand their health claims?
  • Receive and deposit insurance premiums from parishes, schools and diocese?
  • Monitor payments and advice your organization when a location is behind on and facilitate collection?
  • Prepare customized reporting for cash flow, financial results, claims experience, and claims lag?
  • Project current and renewal funding?
  • Reconcile billings from insurance company and insurance company reporting?
  • Monitor claims for stop loss reimbursements?
  • Verify banking account to make sure it is properly funded to meet expected claims demand?
  • Provide proof of payment as need for provider billing disputes?
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