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Just What Are You Paying Your Broker For Anyway?

If you were to ask most Catholic institution treasures or business managers if they were happy with their health insurance broker or consultant, most would un-enthusiastically say yes. But is this answer based on reasonable expectations? Is it possible that the bar is set so low that almost any advisor could satisfy? Has your benefits advisor delivered more than cursory service -- obtaining bids from a few insurance carriers or administrators and pointing out the lowest rates on the spreadsheet? Has he or she boasted of their negotiating skills when a carrier reduced an obviously unreasonable renewal? Have they reduced costs by recommending reduced benefits? These are tasks anyone can do. Beyond that often you will hear they don't do much. Perhaps they are good Catholics that either support the diocese/order or have a long lasting relationship or both.

Are you ready to upgrade to a broker-advisor who provides real, fundamental, comprehensive, Catholic-based service to you and your members?

At Burri and Company, we recognize that different members within each diocese/order will clearly have different priorities, depending on their role in the ministry. The Treasurer/Business Manger, the Human Resources Officer and the Member all have very different expectations of their health insurance plan. We are capable of ensuring that ALL of these varied expectations are met, through our unique concierge services.

For more information or references to contact about how to get better service at the same price you're paying now please contact us at: betterservice@burriandcompany.com or call us at 877-BURRICO/877-287-7426.

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